Supply Water Disinfection

Trustwater™ – Bringing Water Quality to the Food & Beverage Processing Industry At Last!


Water is the main ingredient in most Food & Beverage Processing industries, just as water quality is the main obstacle facing most Food & Beverage Processing industries today.

In order to guarantee the final quality of product, it is important that Food & beverage processing industries are using the most effective and safest method to combat bacterial and fungal decontamination in their supply water.


Trustwater’s™ patented Anolyte solution called  Ecasol™, simply and effectively kills or removes in very short contact times all biological contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, protozoa etc. from supply water.


Ecasol™ is non-toxic, entirely natural and environmentally friendly with no Health & Safety handling or disposal requirements.


Ecasol™ is a mixed oxidant that consisting of over 90% hypochlorous acid.  It works by mimicking the bodies response to invading pathogens.



Safe & Effective Water Disinfection At Last!

Unlike traditional chlorination systems, using Trustwater™ patented Anolyte, ( Ecasol™) in Supply Water Disinfection has many distinct advantages:


  • Ecasol™ does not taint the water
  • Ecasol™ is fully effective against biofilm removal
  • Ecasol™ is not easily neutralised by organic materials
  • Ecasol™ effectively destroys cryptosporidium and other protozoa
  • Ecasol™does not add toxic chemical by-products like trihalomethanes to the water
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