EcaServ has over fifteen years experience in ECA technology and water disinfection. We service Trustwater installations and offer alternative disinfection and cleaning equipment to a wide ranging market-place.

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What We Do

Trustwater is a green ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) technology of on-site disinfection and detergent solutions made using salt and water. Installation applications range from water disinfection to environmental decontamination and beverage process cleaning and disinfection. ECA has become the technology of choice for a growing number of well-known international businesses in over 35 countries to date. EcaServ is committed to the servicing of existing Trustwater installations and continued development of ECA technologies. Learn More



We specialize in the servicing and maintenance of Trustwater water treatment equipment for customers all over the world. We stock, sell and install ECA (Electro-chemical activation) devices for a wide-ranging market-place.

We offer annual maintenance contracts on all Trustwater equipment and our highly trained engineers provide rapid response times and support for any issues that might arise.



Our consultancy service can be used to investigate specific issues at an existing or proposed site or in your company as a whole. Our highly trained consultants have considerable experience in a broad range of areas, including microbial and process engineering.

We will recommend the best way forward for your company, suggesting practical solutions which meet the needs of your business and which should be achievable within your timescale and budget.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and Development is an integral part of our company’s activity. We apply the results of scientific research to both develop new products and improve existing ones.

Extensive tests and trials have been carried out on both the technology and the product offerings by both the in-house technical team and various third parties. Many commercial enterprises, independent laboratories and third level institutions have experience using our ECA Technology and all have reported positive results.

Our Clients

We have worked closely with the following clients to provide them our ECA Solutions: