Continuous Filler Hygiene

The filler is the lead machine or most important piece of equipment in the beverage plant manufacturing process.

Plant down-time due to cleaning & sanitisation regimes of this filler is an on-going financial battle waged by Food & Beverage industries.


Trustwater™ Ecasol™ is the answer to this down-time dilemma.

Instead of the daily down-time associated with Filler wash-down with traditional chemical sanitizers, Ecasol™ , a non-toxic, pH neutral solution that destroys all known microbes is continuously dosed at a low ppm level throughout the Filler process to keep bacterial contamination at bay.

By implementing Trustwater™ Ecasol™ solution as a continuous filler hygiene control plant down-time for filler wash-down is reduced from a once daily to a once weekly procedure.


Trustwater Ecasol™:

  • Does not taint the water
  • Is fully effective against biofilm removal
  • Is not easily neutralised by organic materials
  • Effectively destroys cryptosporidium and other protozoa
  • Does not add toxic chemical by-products like trihalomethanes to the water
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