Biofilm Removal

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Many microbial problems lie in the ability of micro-organisms to hide in Biofilm.
Ecasol is excellent at eliminating biofilm and free-floating or planktonic microbes.

An additional benefit of a clean system also reduces energy costs in heating circuits by reducing scale formation. The chemical and physical properties of Ecasol™ have been independently proven to be the most effective solution on the market to remove and prevent biofilm.

How and where does biofilm form?
Biofilm, as they are known, are a collection of microorganisms that secrete sticky slime allowing them to form colonies on inert or living surfaces. Biofilms are an ideal media for harboring legionella microbes that contaminate water supplies and can become airborne and as such need eliminating. Legionella bacteria have been known for some time to live within biofilm that helps protect them from a chemical attack such as traditional chlorination.

The above picture shows biofilm that has colonised plastic pipework, it has attracted iron oxide from corroded parts of the system that may also help feed the biofilm.

Biofilms have a negative effect in industrial settings, corroding everything from water pipes to computer chips. Some bacteria in biofilm convert sulfur to hydrogen sulfide, which burns holes in metals and concrete. Biofilms also block pipes and allow minerals to build up forming scale that interferes with heating and cooling systems.

Ecasol™ is 100 times more effective than Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Ecasol™ Ecasol™ does not taint the water
  • Ecasol™ is fully effective against biofilm removal
  • Ecasol™ is not easily neutralised by organic materials
  • Ecasol™ effectively destroys cryptosporidium and other protozoa
  • Ecasol™does not add toxic chemical by-products like trihalomethanes to the water


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