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Legionella Control in a Hotel Setting


A city hotel carried out a Legionella risk assessment to comply with L8 Legionella prevention and as a result several concerns were highlighted. Existing procedures required twice yearly cleaning on the buildings drinking water but this was felt unsatisfactory as a preventative maintenance solution was required. It is well documented that biofilms, that house Legionella, start re-establishing as soon as the treatment process has finished.



The hotelier looked at using a TrustwaterTM device for a solution, the key objectives being the prevention of biofilm re-establishing in drinking water supply lines and the associated risk of Legionella forming.



A TrustwaterTM 110, a fully automated electrochemical generator to make Ecasol was installed; the antimicrobial solution produced onsite is safe and environmentally friendly. Auxiliary equipment including a dosing unit allows Ecasol solution to be dosed into the hotels drinking water supply line. Using a probe the dose is adjusted to supply Ecasol at a known level and logged for future reference.



Prevention of Legionella has now been brought in-house reducing the necessity to employ chemical treatment companies to perform super chlorination twice yearly. Instead, the hotel has peace of mind that biofilms are not forming during the long service intervals. Because of this, the hotel does not have to prevent the risk of chlorine poisoning in the drinking water during treatment visits. As an additional benefit, Ecasol is used to fog the washroom areas to remove associated odours and Aversol as a mild detergent to wash floors.



L8 is the Health and Safety Executive’s approved code of practice for the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems. Businesses may be prosecuted under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 or the COSHH regulations 2002, if they do not comply. All work carried out followed regulatory and advisory protocols as recommended by the World Health Organisation and Water Regulation Advisory Scheme.

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