Dental Unit Waterline Disinfection

In Dental Healthcare, special attention must be given to DUWLs – the thin tubes that are used to deliver water during every aspect of dental treatment. Like any piece of dental equipment, DUWLs must be kept clean in order to maintain the health of the patient. Typically, however, DUWLs act as a suitable host for biofilm build-up and this build-up can, in turn, pose a serious health risk to patients.


Trustwater™ Ecasol™ is successfully being used in Dental Healthcare with particular emphasis on disinfecting DUWLs. Ecasol™ has replaced the use of costly chemical disinfectants with far reaching effect and savings. By using Ecasol™, storge and handling costs associated with traditionally used hazardous chemicals are eliminated.


Ecasol™ – Microbe Free Water, Biofilm Free Pipework



  • Disinfects water completely
  • Eliminates Biofilm completely
  • Is a natural non-toxic solution
  • Is odorless
  • Is generated on-site, on-demand
  • Will not cause corrosion
  • Guarantees money, energy and water savings
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