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Case Study – Food Processing CIP


A leading soup manufacturer was repeatedly recording high levels of biological contamination in their CIP process and end-product and was experiencing lengthy batch change-over cycles as a result. Soup stock Quality Control requires that microbe counts are taken after packing which leads to high financial losses if the batch fails and has to be disposed of. The high level of cross-contamination within the existing CIP regime was leading to high batch fail levels and a solution to these losses had to be found.



The Soup Manufacturer needed to reduce the high fail levels in their soup batches. They approached Trustwater™ for a solution to their bacterial problem. The key objectives were to implement a CIP process that would effectively kill all bacterial contamination in the Filler pipe-work and reduce batch change-over times while providing a cost effective and environmentally sustainable method of sanitizing.



Having evaluated the site requirement, Trustwater™ installed a fully automated on-site generating system. Trustwater™ Ecasol™ is used to eliminate the use of costly chemical sanitizers and eliminates bacterial contamination and reduces batch change-over times.



The Trustwater™ generator was installed in 2004, and since its installation, the soup manufacturer has not had any failed batches of product due to microbial contamination. Batch change-over times have been reduced significantly and concerns relating to the handling and safety associated with the use of traditional chemical sanitizers have been eliminated.

adminCase Study – Food Processing CIP

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